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You use my programs and barcode fonts or quite simply you found an interest in my pages.

I write these pages and the barcode programs with informations collected on Internet. I give all this places free under license GNU-GPL. In order to buy some standards I'd founded a system of piggybox. I have these standards now but nevertheless I leave this piggybox in place for those which wishes to pour their mite in thanks.

I have selected the PayPal system which offers all the guarantees of safety, while clicking on one of the 3 piggyboxes below you will be redirected on their site where you will carry out your transaction in protected mode. On this site you can pay with a previous owned PayPal account or by bank card. Personal information which is required of you by PayPal will not be communicated to me.

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In the name of the community of the "barcodes afficionados", thank you.